design and publishing solutions for the creative industries.


Online Publishing

The internet has given unprecedented freedom to small companies and individual creatives to distribute and publish their work to the entire world for less than it used to cost to have a 100 flyers printed. We are committed to exploring every possibility that the internet offers creative industries to publish their work, list their own shows and disseminate their own publicity and marketing.

Publishing Platforms

Blue Pie Media have a powerful publishing platform based on the Elgg social networking suit. It offers the ability to publish both in house stories and also user generated content as well as unparalleled integration across syndicated sites. We currently run two online publications based on this platform:

Theatre Network

If you would like to contribute to any Blue Pie publication we’d love to hear from you. Please just drop us a line and we can take it from there.

Use Our Platform

If you would like to harness a publishing platform specifically designed for the creative industries for your business, website or publication we’d love to discuss how we could help you. We can supply the technology if you can supply the creativity.